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Balai Rekayasa Disain dan Sistem Teknologi (BRDST) is one of special units under the coordination of BPPT. Our main tasks deal with Research, Development, Engineering and Operation of energy technology (fuels, power plants, petrochemicals, etc). We’re focusing on technology research for energy and biofuel (biodiesel) field; process design and development; laboratory analysis for biofuels; assessment of engineering design in power plant industry, process industry, oil and gas industry, and renewable energy project; and also has a role for promoting, advocating, and dissemination activities to educate our society.

We started in 1993 as an engineering group to conduct engineering works mainly in the field of power plant. In the middle of 1995, the group changed its name to Pusat Rekayasa Rancang Bangun (PRRB) – BPPT with an initial activity in engineering design of Nuclear Power Plant AP600 for Westinghouse Electric Corporation, USA, in the scope of turbine building, which has been a continuous corporation up to now. Taking into account the development and improvement of Engineering Center BPPT’s capabilities in engineering design, since April, 4th 2001, it later became known as technical unit named Balai Rekayasa Disain dan Sistem Teknologi (BRDST) – BPPT.

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