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The BTBRD-BPPT is a technical group specializes in advanced plant design activities .The group provides a wide range of engineering services from conceptual design through to fabrication, construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning, including:

  • steel structure analysis and design
  • steel structure detailing
  • equipment analysis and design
  • piping layout
  • piping stress analysis and design
  • electrical system design
  • instrumentation and control system design
  • system modularization
  • plant data management
  • 2D/3D Computer Aided Design

To accomplish its engineering tasks and deliver best design results, the group implements a comprehensive state-of-the art computer-aided design / engineering (CAD/CAE) applications integrating 2D and 3D CAD design concept called the SmartPlant Design System (SPDS).

SPDS enables multi-disciplinary teams work concurrently to build a detailed digital model of the plant directly into the computer system. Integration features in the system enable engineers from multiple disciplines to work on a project simultaneously -- improving design coordination reducing errors and increasing productivity.

During the course of the project SPDS creates and maintains accurate Central Design Data Management database that provides valuable information for regulatory compliance streamlining operations, maintenance and downstream retrofit projects.

Single point data entry ensures that information entered in the early stages of the project remains live through out the project. By eliminating duplicate data entry, accuracy and consistency of the design data is maintained and preserved throughout design iteration process.

All project deliverables such as engineering drawings, bills of materials reports on any aspect of the design are all are quickly and easily created from the 3D model files and the Central Design Data Management database to produce accurate results first time every time any time.

SPDS provides total drawing integrity as the design changes so drawings can be kept up to date automatically. These intelligent documents ensures that data is always up-to-date throughout the plant life cycle from conceptual design to final implementation and construction through startup and testing and operational life span to decommissioning.


Featured Projects

The Smart Plant Design System consists of integrated 2D and 3D design modules which correspond to basic tasks in the plant design workflow including the following:

2D Computer Aided Design  

  • The Process Flow Diagram (PFD) module provides interactive tools to create intelligent process flow diagram. 7accepts stream data from third-party process simulation applications and incorporates the data into the project database.
  • The Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) module provides interactive tools to create intelligent plant schematics.
  • The Instrument Data Manager (IDM) module offers integration with upstream (P&ID) and downstream (electrical) tasks. IDM offers advanced functions such as revision control history files object-to-document relationships wiring connectivity and more.
  • The Electrical Data Management (EDM) – WireWorks combines electrical schematic design,panel layout, cable block diagrams and wiring design with data management and design automation tools.

3D Computer Aided Design  

  • The Piping module provides interactive tools to route pipelines and place components using an extensive online database.
  • The Equipment module provides interactive tools to build equipment by assembling basic 3D elements such as cylinders cones and boxes or models from an extensive library of parametrically defined complex equipment shapes. The composite drawings of the equipment can then be automatically produced from the 3D model.
  • The Structural module provides interactive tools to model steel framing floors plates and walls and produce engineering drawings and bill of material. From the 3D model input model geometry can be exported into a structural analysis package such as STAAD PRO V8i for stress analysis and to steel detailing software (TEKLA V19) for producing shop fabrication drawings
  • The HVAC/Duct module provides interactive tools to lay out ducts and other HVAC components.
  • The Electrical Raceway module provides interactive tools to lay out and model of electrical cable trays conduits wireways underground duct banks and cable trenches.
  • The Interference Checking module identifies hard clashes between design components and pinpoints soft clashes such as insufficient safety clearances or maintenance access.
  • The Drawing Manager module allows extraction management and annotation of orthographic drawings to be done semi-automatically and later update the model information changes automatically.
  • The Design Review Module provides interactive tools dynamically visualize and simulate the 3D CAD models generated from SPDS. Using Design Review's model animation and motion path facilities specific routes can be stored for future playback providing invaluable information to design teams or for use in operator training and plant maintenance. Plant equipment removal and installation sequencing can be simulated. With the benefit of on-line clash detection optimum routes can be established within the CAD model preventing costly mistakes on site. Where space is at a premium or operator safety is in question Design Review provides the ideal medium to pin-point potential problem areas enabling design alternatives to be considered much earlier in the design cycle.
  • The Steel Detailing - TEKLA/Pro-Steel package provides interactive tools to create detailed joint and connection to produce shop fabrication drawings.

Analysis and Engineering Design  

  • Process Analysis and Simulation package such as GateCycle,ChemCAD provides a detailed steady-state design and off-design analysis of thermal power systems. A variety of analyses can be performed such as analyzing an overall cycle for a proposed power system or cogeneration station, simulating the performance of existing system at “off-design” operating condition, analyzing advanced gas turbine design, predicting the effect of proposed changes or enhancements to existing plant.
  • Pipe Stress Analysis and Design package such asCAESARII, provides stress analysis for pipe and piping components based on Finite Element Method (FEM). The acquired results are checked against the required design criterion, e.g. ASME B31.1, B31.3, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Section III, etc. Piping layout model input data are imported from Pipe Module 3d CAD tools.

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