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Biodiesel Implementation in Diesel Power Plant

Original Article: Implementasi Biodiesel di PLTD

Power generation sector consumes diesel fuel in moderate amount about 3 million kilo-litre per year. This number equals to 10 percent of national diesel fuel consumption. Therefore, the implementation of biodiesel in power generation sector especially in diesel power plant needs special attention. For that reason, BTBRD studies and research on topic "Developing Standard and Characterization of Biodiesel blend B30 for power generation sector". Related to these activities, surveys and field visits to diesel power plant were carried out in various areas of operations of PT PLN, i.e. NTT (representing East region of Indonesia), Barito (representing middle region of Indonesia), as well as the Bangka-Belitung (representing West region of Indonesia).

Some field fact were found from those visits, such as the importance of checking the fuel quality and specification as well as the importance of socialization and implementation related to the handling and storing of biodiesel blend. In handling and storing biodiesel blend, biodiesel characteristics must be taken into consideration, particularly related to its solvent nature. Solvent nature from biodiesel capable of dissolving the dirt in the tank or fuel lines that can carried over into the filter. Filter blockage may occur at the beginning of use, especially if the tank and fuel lines are very dirty and not cleaned first before migration from diesel fuel to biodiesel. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the compatibility of diesel engine with the use of biodiesel and its blend.

Hopefully, with this visit, field data to develop recommendations for biodiesel blend standards and handling guide can be obtained so that the implementation of biodiesel in the power generation sector can run smoothly.


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